Messages from Twyning Chapel [No Flash Available]


Here are messages heard at Twyning Chapel during 2020. Right click on the title to download in MP3 format.

Sunday Sermons

08-03-2020  Romans 3 v10-26  God's grand junction   Bob Nicholls
01-03-2020  Matthew 7 v13,14   The wide and narrow gates   Jonathan Bradford
23-02-2020  Nehemiah 9  Between Eygpt and Canaan   Rob Giles
16-02-2020  Psalm 71   Sustaining faith in old age   Andrew Whittaker
09-02-2020      Chris Hewitt
02-02-2020  1 Kings 4 v1-7   What do you have   Bill O'Leary
26-01-2020  Matthew 5 v1-12   Putting first things first   Ted Kania
14-01-2020  Mark 1 v14-28   Jesus as King   Keith Paterson
12-01-2020  Psalm 36   Trust in God   Christian Walsh
05-01-2020  Isaiah 6 v1-5   Seeing the King   Nick Watkins